No one will come from the LA LA LAND

No one will come to rescue, we have to god ourselves.  But no matter what the reality screams at us we still believe in the fairy tales and poems woven by writers and poets with broken hearts, hopeful souls and drenched minds. These tales and poems are just threads of imagination wanted to be turned into reality someday.

We still believe and crave for some miracle to happen to wash away our fear, sorrow and pain. But when the tales of hope and poems of love are just a synonym of illusion for us to survive, reality bites that no one will come from the far far away magic land to phoenix us. The cradle of imagination beating our senses to last breathe that we will be saved. And all we do is nothing. Wait. Someone from far away land will come and save.

But we will be nowhere till we realize that “someone” from the LA LA Land is no one else but “I”. Stories describes heroes and legends who uptop the mountains, clash with seas, chain the monsters and love the weak. What we don’t understand is that these writers and poets want us to find the La LA Land here, and the hero within.

We will be rescued when we realize that no one will come from the La La land. We have to rescue us. We have to god ourselves.  We have to be the hero of our story, the calm of our poem, and the wishes we crave from the god.

Believe me, no one will come but ourselves to rescue. No one will come from the LA LA LAND


In my sleep, when the sky weeps

Dreams which slips through the door to the reality which creeps

But I will try one more time…… for you.

The ghosts of future dancing with hurdles

Reaching me with their arms open and my mind muddles

How will I reach the heaven of my dreams when time is too little?

But I found a heart of glass which was brittle

Oh yeah, it belonged to me with scars of pain

But it won’t stop me.  Here I will be, with rain

I will try one more time…… for you.

I can hear the glass of my heart cluttering into visible cracks

Slowly my heart is curbing into ashes of pieces

But I will try one more time…… for you

I don’t know how fast I should run to chase down the running stars

They are moving so fast

And I cannot cast

But I will try one more time…… for you

I know time runs faster than us and it will soon get over

But still in my sleep, when the sky weeps

Dreams which slips through the door to the reality which creeps

I will try one more time…… for you.

I will try till I die, but I sigh

I will try one more time…… for you.10494732_10152652879806874_7768247251322356976_n

Blurred definition of beauty

Our definition of beauty is so weird!!  For majority, the colour of the skin is the real factor to define whether someone is beautiful or ugly. What we don’t understand is that it is just a superficial way of defining the beauty. I am not here to propagate some idealized thought of inner beauty and all, but just a real personality itself. There are many factors other than FAIR SKIN which defines beauty and that is the reason that in the fashion world you will find top models with darker skin like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Veronica Webb, Beverly Peele, Naomi Sims and the list is endless. Why the fashion world accepted them if they were not beautiful? This is because in the intense world of art of the beauty- the so called fashion world do not define the beauty with just lighter tones of the skin but with attributes of features, body dimensions, enigma in your walk-talk. All this defines an enigmatic personality. I am not an expert in the world of beauty but I know for sure that our general society which is only behind fair skin does not define the beauty well. And that’s the reason charismatic personality like Nandita Das is not considered a heroine AT ALL in front of dumb Katrina Kaif. I will not take specific names but I have seen fair skin dumb females and black skin electric feline personalities.

I really don’t  understand that why our society has a preference for one colour,,,I mean it’s just one shade. That’s it. Well I do not fit in either fair or black. So I see the scenario as a spectator for the two shades and wonder why people have such idiotic judgements without looking at a person as a whole. I have seen and talked to some morons who when defines a person with a starting line like: “Her name is ****** and she is so fair”,,,,,ughhhhh that’s the way you define someone , wow!!!! That shows how much you are tied up in psychological disease of colour, dude come out of it, because it just depicts a VERY poor personality of yours. And that’s not all, you can see market full of idiotic fair skin products and the kind of fair skin preferences for marriages, jobs which are shown in various advertisements. It shows that how sick is our society. Why the heck, you all don’t paint yourself WHITE with a brush. That will be better.


It all starts within. So it will be better we come out of the wrong definition of beauty. Because just being WHITE makes a blurr definition of beauty. And all the ladies out there are beautiful in one way or the other. One has beautiful eyes and one has amazing height. So all cannot be perfect in every way but may be in one way. And that ONE way defines the beauty in them. It’s just that how we notice that.I hope the beauty gets its real definition soon.


God gave us the ability to smile with are lips corner wide apart with few dimples to express our inner joy and a beat of heart to others. But now we are using it for more than a beat of a joyous heart. It’s more complex, darker. We came in this world with pain and joy. But we could never balance them out as we were always bending towards joy. This is the reason we hide our pains with an expression of joy- “smile”. We try to remain calm and compose with storm coming in our inner soul. Smile was made as the easiest gesture to express and convey feelings to others but now it has  become the hardest thing to do as our inner soul is never at pure joy but coloured grey with sorrow and being gay. Most of the time, we are not able to understand that whether we are happy or sad, it’s not an emotional abnormality but due our sorrows which are heavier than the feathers of joy. To be positive and to look for good things in life is called HOPE and state of being strong-weak both. But this all makes smile – a hardest thing to do.10494732_10152652879806874_7768247251322356976_n